Tyler Eschendal

Composer / Percussionist / Writer

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My Bones(2017) Oboe & Fixed Electronics

My Bones: Oboe & Fixed Electronics

Lamb(2016) Piano & Fixed Electronics

Lamb: Piano & Fixed Electronics


ChopSnapBuzzDing(2015) Snare Drum solo for upside down snare drum, 3 chopsticks and 2 raised metals

ChopSnapBuzzDing: snare drum solo

(D)arts (2015/2016) Vibraphone duo in three movements

(D)arts: vibraphone duo

A Place for Your Intentions (2015/2016) Percussion Quartet for desk bells, marimba, vibraphone, drum set

A Place for Your Intentions: percussion quartet

Knocking on Wood (2014) Percussion Quartet for 4 resonant pieces of wood and 4 wood blocks

Knocking on Wood: percussion quartet